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NEW Video: CA’s DLL Identification Process Helps Teachers Support Young Children & Their Families

California has a new asset-based Dual Language Learner (DLL) identification process in state preschool programs (CSPP), as a result of legislation authored by Asm. Luz Rivas and sponsored by Early Edge California! As outlined by Management Bulletin (MB) 23-03, the process is designed to help state preschool teachers and administrators strengthen their work in supporting DLL children and their families, and is the first of its kind in the United States. 

Early Edge has created a new video to share about the process’s simple 15-minute conversation called the Family Language and Interest Interview which: 

  • Collects information about a child’s language background and needs
  • Helps teachers build a relationship with families
  • Helps parents better support their child’s language development at home

In it, you’ll hear from an administrator and a parent about the benefits of this process and how it supports the Early Learning experiences of DLL children. Watch and please share with your networks! 


Watch the video (Spanish subtitles)


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