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Ensuring that parents, providers and educators have the resources they need to provide our youngest residents with supportive and enriching learning opportunities is our priority. 

California faces serious challenges in its delivery of quality early childhood education to California children:

  • Early childhood teachers and providers do not receive sufficient training and resources to support children’s developmental and learning needs.
  • More than half of California children speak a language other than English in the home and fall behind because they’re not receiving the support they need to benefit from speaking more than one language.
  • Most parents can’t find or afford quality early childhood programs for their children.

Our work focuses on the following priorities:

Improving Training and Compensation for Early Childhood Providers and Educators

All early childhood educators should have the training and resources they need to meet the educational and developmental needs of the children in their care.

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Helping Dual Language Learners Thrive

All California children should reap the benefits that come from speaking more than one language.

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Increasing Availability of Quality Programs for Children from Birth Through Age 8

All parents should have access to high quality, affordable learning settings for their children.

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