Across California and around the country, parents of young children are struggling to find  nurturing, quality settings where their children can learn and thrive.

The Problem: Quality Programs are Unavailable and Unaffordable

  • Quality programs for babies, toddlers and preschoolers in California are too expensive for most families.
  • Child care programs are closing their doors because state funding does not cover the cost of providing quality care.
  • Subsidies to help low-income working parents cover the cost of child care do not meet the high demand. 

Our state must invest in expanding the quality and availability of early childhood programs in order to support the growth and development of our youngest residents and their families. 

Our Vision

All parents should have access to affordable,
high quality learning settings for their children.



What Early Edge California Is Doing to Promote Investment in Quality Programs for Children from Birth Through Age 8:

Our goal is to serve as the voice for quality by informing state leaders and the business community on the importance of investing in  effective, affordable early childhood programs that help all children reach their full potential.

  • We continue to support professional development for Transitional Kindergarten educators with resources and events such as the annual TK Conference.

  • We are working with the California Department of Education to coordinate their quality investments with our professional development initiatives. Our goal is to connect quality indicators with professional development requirements.

  • We work with stakeholder coalitions to ensure that quality and professional development are included as policy priorities.

The Facts About Quality Programs:

Between 2006-2013 California early childhood
programs were cut by

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of eligible infants and toddlers in California are enrolled in subsidized childcare programs.

Due to high cost of providing quality care, low compensation and other factors.

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