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VIDEO RELEASE! Transitional Kindergarten: The Case for TK for All

In this new video from Early Edge California, teachers, advocates, and lawmakers make the case for expanding California’s Transitional Kindergarten (TK) program to all 4-year-olds—a concept supported by new legislation, AB 22 (McCarty). Hear what they have to say about the benefits of TK, why it’s important to expand this program, and how it helps more California children, from birth to age 5, access high-quality Early Learning experiences.

Assemblymember Kevin McCarty introduced AB 22 to expand TK to all 4-year-olds because it aligns with Governor Gavin Newsom’s goals in his Master Plan for Early Learning and Care and because of what the research shows about the impact of investments in Early Learning and Care on the achievement gap and intergenerational poverty. A key provision of the legislative proposal is parent choice. Under the new legislation, parents in California would be able to choose whether to send their 4-year-olds to the TK program in their local public school or to a preschool program, Head Start, or a family child care provider.

What Supporters Are Saying About TK: 

Alma Renteria, TK Teacher, Sunset Elementary School in Fresno: 
“As a teacher, I support Universal TK for all students because I know it is a crucial year for children to prepare them to have a strong foundation and to have a better future.” 

Assemblymember Kevin McCarty (D-Sacramento):
“I’ve never been more upbeat as far as California becoming a Pre-K-for-all state.” 

Patricia Lozano, Executive Director, Early Edge California:
“Our vision is that every child, no matter where they live, no matter the color of their skin, will have all the opportunities that will prepare them for Kindergarten and for success in life.”

Scott Moore, CEO, Kidango:
“What we know is that the younger we’re able to reach low-income children, the more likely we are to erase the readiness gap, so that there is no achievement gap.”

Machelle Kessinger, Area C Director, California School Employees Association (CSEA):
“We say it’s important because we believe in equity. Equity for all.” 

Cindy Marten, Superintendent, San Diego Unified School District:
“You don’t walk away from your values. What we’re doing and why we’re doing it is supporting our earliest learners.”

Learn more about AB 22 (McCarty) and the benefits of high quality Pre-K.

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