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SEAL’s A P-3 Framework: Centering English Learners

“A P-3 Framework: Centering English Learners”, authored by Dr. Laurie Olsen with our partner SEAL (Sobrato Early Academic Language), focuses on building aligned practices for English Learners/Dual Language Learners (ELs/DLLs) success across the crucial developmental phase, ages 3–8, for language, literacy, learning, and identity, and with a focus on supporting deep, joyful learning and development.

The framework includes: 

  • The Vision
  • Why an EL-Centric P–3 Framework? Why Now?
  • Why “English Learner”? The Issue of Terminology
  • Eight Key Understandings
  • Eleven Overarching Principles
  • Aligned System Components for Coherence and Impact
  • Reflection and Planning Tool for States and Local Educational Agencies

Download the framework

Share with your networks! Together, we have the potential to build a P-3 system for ELs that fosters lifelong learners who thrive, possess the necessary skills, knowledge, and self-assurance to actively engage and take leadership roles in diverse linguistic and cultural environments. 

Download the digital toolkit

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