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2022-2023 ECE California State Budget Summary: May Revision

Child Care

Includes $6.3 billion ($2.7 billion General Fund) for child care programs, including continued support for the historic multi-year commitment to rate increases and supplemental funding to providers in the first collective bargaining contract ratified last year. It also continues commitments to expand child care access by 200,000 slots by 2025-26.

  • $270M To increase 36,000 additional subsidized slots for a total of over 145,000.
  • $413M To support a full year of rate increases during the interim while the state and partners work towards a single reimbursement rate structure.
  • $136M Federal funds for Department of Social Services (DSS) to extend family fee waivers for state-subsidized preschool and child care and development services.
  • $21.3M For the California Department of Education to administer family fee waivers. 
  • $114M To reimburse voucher-based child care providers and preschool providers for authorized hours of care from July 1, 2022 to June 30, 2023.
  • $200.5M For minor renovation and repair focused on child care deserts and low-income communities.
  • $20M To assist Alternative Payment Program in developing capacity to serve additional slot commitments.   

The Administration and Child Care Providers United (CCPU) continue to work collaboratively through Joint Labor Management Committees to reach agreement regarding the establishment of healthcare and retirement benefits trusts for CCPU-represented providers.


Includes total funding of $128.3 billion for all TK-12 education programs. ($78.4 billion General Fund and $49.9 billion other funds) 

Pre-Kindergarten Education

  • $21.6M $10.8M one-time Proposition 98 and $10.8M one-time non-Proposition 98 funding to waive the family share of cost for children in the State Preschool Program.
  • $201.8M Increases Proposition 98 General Fund from $197.8M to $201.8M to support revised State Preschool Program adjustment factors for students with disabilities and Dual Language Learners. 
  • $140.6M Increases General Fund from $110.6M to $140.6M to support revised State Preschool Program adjustment factors for students with disabilities and Dual Language Learners.
  • $8B Discretionary funds to protect staffing levels, address student learning challenges, and support the mental health and wellness needs of students and staff. 
  • Funding Shift Shifts $639.2M at the Governor’s Budget to $614M General Fund at the May Revision to expand eligibility for Transitional Kindergarten (TK).

State Preschool Funding Hold Harmless – Allow State Preschool contractors to receive full funding allocated to their state contracts, regardless of student attendance.

Local Assignment Option for Transitional Kindergarten (TK) Teachers – To temporarily increase the pipeline of qualified TK teachers, allow teachers with preschool teaching permits who hold a B.A. that meet basic skills requirements and are enrolled in coursework leading to be assigned as the teacher of record in a credential to teach TK. Proposed sunset on June 30, 2026.

Educator Workforce

  • $500M One-time Proposition 98 General Fund to expand residency slots for teachers  and counselors.
  • $20M One-time Proposition 98 General Fund to support a K-12 Teacher Residency Program Technical Assistance Center.
  • $15M One-time Proposition 98 General Fund over three years to support 6,000 teachers in completing the coursework necessary to receive a supplementary state certification in reading and literacy.
  • $85M One-time Proposition 98 General Fund to create PreK-12 educator and professional learning to implement the Next Generation Science Standards, the California Math Framework, the California Computer Science Standards, and the math and science domains of the California Preschool Learning Foundations.

Cost of Living Adjustments

  • 6.56% Increase in the cost of living factor from 5.33 percent to 6.56 percent.

Proposition 98

  • 38.3% Test 1 percentage increase from approximately 38.4 percent to approximately 38.3 percent.

TK-12 School Facilities

  • $1.8B An additional General Fund investment to support new construction and modernization projects throughout the School Facility Program.

Additional Investments

Wellness Support

  • $85M Over two years for grants for wellness and mindfulness programs in schools and communities. Also expands parent support and training programs.
  • $15M To develop video series for parents so they can build their knowledge, tools, and capacity to support the behavioral health of their children.

Health Care Provider Integration

  • $100M To further support early-childhood focused efforts, including grants focused on encouraging health care provider integration with other early-childhood focused programs.

Early Literacy

  • $335K An increase of ongoing General Fund to expand outreach and education to local libraries and patrons in under-served and multilingual communities.

Early Intervention

  • $6.5M To support adjustments in identifying children with qualifying signs of developmental delays. It also revises the Early Start qualification threshold from a 33 percent delay to a 25 percent delay in the assessment areas.

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