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New Report Uplifts the Voices of Los Angeles County ECE Professionals

Child360 and Early Edge California are pleased to release a new ECE report: Pandemic Experiences, Persistent Challenges, and Workforce Needs of Los Angeles County Early Care and Education Professionals. 

The report highlights the recent COVID-19 pandemic experiences of over 600 Los Angeles County ECE professionals, and it describes how and whether they plan to utilize ECE relief and expansion funding. It also highlights some of the key challenges facing both providers and teachers, what would make their jobs more manageable, and the workforce support and professional development training they would like to receive.

The report provides critical data and recommendations that can help inform policymakers and ECE community members as they consider what investments are needed to stabilize ECE programs through the current pandemic crisis, to provide a critical foundation for the ECE system moving forward, and to better support a field that has been undercompensated and under-resourced for far too long.  

Please contact Elsa Jacobsen at [email protected] or Carolyne Crolotte at [email protected] with any questions.

If you missed the webinar, which featured highlights from the report and remarks by CA State Senator Connie Leyva and ECE provider Aurora Porsche Reyes, please click here for the recording.

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