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Trump’s “Public Charge” Rule Will Hurt California’s Children

Early Edge California joins Governor Newsom and leading Early Learning advocates across the state in strongly opposing Trump’s expanded “Public Charge” rule set to go into effect October of this year.

Under this new rule – which unfairly targets vulnerable immigrants who have come to the country legally – officials will be able to deny permanent residency to immigrants who have used various public benefits for which they are legally eligible, including Medicaid, Social Security, housing, and nutrition programs.

With one of the largest immigrant populations in the nation, California will be massively impacted by this new policy, forcing our immigrant families to forego the basic services and support they need for fear of jeopardizing their immigration status. Early Edge, which is dedicated to supporting Early Learning and well-being during the critical first years of a child’s life, is deeply concerned that this new rule will cause many immigrant parents to disenroll their kids from essential public services that they need to thrive, such as health insurance, food stamps, and school lunches. In fact, there is evidence showing that immigrant families in California are already doing so.

This expanded Public Charge rule will increase poverty, worsen health inequity, and cause irreparable harm to California’s kids and their families who are already underserved. Patricia Lozano, Executive Director of Early Edge, says “As a proud immigrant to the United States myself, I am horrified by the devastating choices this Public Charge rule forces upon families who came to this country in search of a better life, just as I did.”

This expanded Public Charge rule goes against everything that California stands for. We at Early Edge will continue to advocate for high-quality, comprehensive Early Learning in California that meets the needs of all of our kids and their families, particularly those most in need.

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