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The Value of Transitional Kindergarten: Parent Perspectives – Iesha Nettles (Compton USD)

This summer, Early Edge will be sharing testimonials from parents highlighting the benefits of Transitional Kindergarten (TK). In our first blog, Iesha Nettles, parent of Flowerr and Ahwaze, who have been enrolled in Compton Unified School District’s TK program, shares the positive experiences her children have had. She plans to enroll her son Wyav in TK when he is eligible.

Iesha Nettles with her children (l-r) Flowerr, Wyav, and Ahwaze.

“I love the TK program because it’s a great opportunity for my kids to experience.

As a parent, I chose TK so that my child could have a learning experience at a very early age. It was important to enroll my child in a high-quality program with skilled teachers because I want nothing but the best education for my child and I want teachers that are here for the kids, who have nothing but love and passion for what they do.

Iesha’s daughter Flowerr who graduated from TK.

When I put my first child into TK, I saw all the benefits it gave her. She was able to communicate better, she improved her handwriting–she was able to spell her first and last name with such great handwriting–and, it truly got her prepared for kindergarten. It made her be number one in her class once she did start kindergarten. That’s what made me want to put my second child into TK–to get that same experience at a very early age.

Iesha’s daughter Ahwaze currently enrolled in TK.

My child who’s currently enrolled in TK is getting a lot from the program, especially when it comes to reading, writing, math, science, etc. They’re being taught their motor skills, and they’re also doing it in a fun way where they love to learn. My child loves to wake up in the morning and go to school. My child loves to be around her friends. It makes her self-esteem much greater and it all starts at a very early age. TK has provided that for us.

Quality learning means that my child has a place to go and learn. TK is not only providing her with the learning skills she needs to prepare her, but it’s also preparing her for the future. It’s giving her the confidence to be able to meet all her needs. I would recommend TK for everyone and this is the best time in a child’s life because they are like little sponges absorbing it all in.”

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