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Early Edge California and Kidango Statement on Governor Newsom’s 2020 Budget

SACRAMENTO, CA – This week, we congratulate Governor Newsom on his first year in office as he announces his 2020-21 budget for California. The Governor took historic action today by proposing the creation of a Department of Early Childhood Development. We are excited to see the government and the state move in this direction.  

Early Edge California and Kidango applaud the Governor for his continued investment in our state’s children and the teachers who support them. His budget proposal builds on the significant investments and growth in Early Learning programs that were contained in his budget last year. These provided crucial funds for new preschool and childcare spaces as well as expanded preschool eligibility. The 2019-20 budget also invested in the development of a Master Plan for Early Learning and Care, a key effort now underway to ensure the steps our state takes for Early Learning are mapped out in a way that yields a long-lasting, positive impact on the lives of children birth to five. 

With this year’s budget proposal, the Governor continues to make good on his promise to invest in our youngest children and their families through the creation of this new department that aims to improve the delivery of services for young children, families, and providers through a high-quality Early Learning and Care system. Additionally, we thank the Governor for continuing to expand access to subsidized childcare through a modest investment of new cannabis revenue that will allow 600 more children to access quality childcare. We are excited about the continuing commitment to universal preschool with the proposed addition of 10,000 slots for non-LEA providers and a one-time $10 million investment in an Adverse Childhood Experiences Cross-Sector Training Program.

“Creating a new Department of Early Childhood Development is a great step to get to a place where the whole child is supported. California needs a more coherent, efficient, and streamlined system to better support our children and their families to access all the childcare, Early Learning, and health services they need,” said Patricia Lozano, Executive Director of Early Edge California.

“Bringing childcare into Health and Human Services is a giant step towards making it easier for parents to access the services their children need, whether that’s childcare, early intervention, health care, or mental health services. Finally our state government structure will be designed to meet the needs of the whole child instead of requiring parents to navigate multiple state bureaucracies to get their child the services they need,” said Scott Moore, Kidango CEO.

Early Edge California and Kidango look forward to working with Governor Newsom, his administration, and the Legislature to ensure all Early Learners can become confident and successful. Together, we can make quality Early Learning education accessible for ALL of California’s children.


Early Edge California is a nonprofit advocacy organization dedicated to improving access to high-quality Early Learning experiences for all California children so they can have a strong foundation for future success.

Kidango is an Early Learning nonprofit committed to setting every child on a path to thrive in Kindergarten and in life. As the largest childcare provider in the San Francisco Bay Area, we provide thousands of children, especially those from low-income families, with safe, healthy, nurturing environments and relationships. Our goal is to make sure all children have the social, emotional, and academic skills they need to learn, grow and realize their potential.

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