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The Honorable Al Muratsuchi
Chair, Assembly Committee on Education
1020 N Street, Room 159
Sacramento, CA 95814

RE: Support for AB 1947 (L. Rivas) as Introduced on January 29, 2024 

Dear Chair Muratsuchi:

[Name of Your Organization] supports Assembly Bill (AB) 1947 authored by Assemblymember Luz Rivas, a bill which will build upon the progress made by AB 1363 (Ch 498, Statutes of 2021) and that strives to achieve the goals of California’s Master Plan for Early Learning and Care. The Master Plan stresses the importance of supporting the needs of dual language learner (DLL) children through interactions that acknowledge their cultural and linguistic backgrounds while also promoting the development of both their home language and English. AB 1947 helps achieve this goal by providing California State Preschool Program (CSPP) educators with professional development opportunities to meet the needs of DLLs. 

Specifically, AB 1947 would increase the number of reimbursable staff training days for CSPP contractors from two to six days, allow professional development hours conducted during regular hours of operation to be considered a day of operation for purposes of reimbursement, and would require one staff training day to be focused on supporting DLLs if a contractor provides more than 3 days of staff training and enrolls an unspecified percentage of DLLs in their program. 

DLLs are a significant and expanding demographic throughout California’s early learning programs, however the absence of formal certifications or training requirements can leave early learning providers needing more training and development to sufficiently support DLLs.

This bill helps meet the goals of the Master Plan by ensuring CSSP educators have the opportunity to receive the professional development they need to promote learning and improved outcomes for DLLs. For these reasons, we SUPPORT AB 1947 and request your AYE vote when the bill comes before you. Thank you for your consideration.


Your Name