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Early Edge Hosts September 2022 Parent Advisory Group Meeting

Early Edge California hosted the latest meeting of its Parent Advisory Group in September. During the meeting, Early Edge provided a legislative update on the bills Governor Newsom enacted into law and discussed what quality means to them in an Early Learning setting.

Here are some of the ideas they shared about what quality means to them:

  • Smaller Class Sizes: Paying attention to the student’s needs by having smaller class sizes which would allow teachers to give them more attention.
  • Well-Equipped Classrooms: Equipping classrooms with up-to-date technology and resources so children can access them.
  • Family Engagement: Including families in the process will help them better understand their children’s educational needs and how they can support.
  • Access to Resources: Having access to resources such as books, sports, and art is key to a well-rounded education for children.
  • Professional Development: Accessing professional development opportunities and workshops for teachers so they can continue to best support students.
  • Bilingual Staff: Having bilingual staff at the school, so there is no language barrier or gap between the educators and families. 

Early Edge California will continue to engage and uplift the voices of the Parent Advisory Group throughout the year and use their input and feedback to inform its policy and advocacy initiatives for the upcoming year.

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