Here is a sample support letter for AB 393.

Instructions: Please send all letters via email to Nichole Murillo, Office of Governor Gavin Newsom, at [email protected]. In addition, please CC: [email protected].


The Honorable Gavin Newsom
Governor, State of California
1021 O Street, Suite 9000
Sacramento, CA 95814


Dear Governor Newsom:  

[Name of Your Organization] supports AB 393 (Rivas), which builds on landmark legislation that, for the first time in the nation, improved and standardized the identification of DLLs to better resource and support them. The bill expands the asset-based dual language learner (DLL) identification process established by the historic legislation you signed to general childcare (CCTR) and migrant childcare (CMIG) programs as the next step toward achieving your vision for DLLs in your Master Plan for Early Learning and Care. 

Specifically, AB 393 requires the Department of Social Services to establish a standardized process for identifying DLLs enrolled in CCTR or CMIG programs. It also requires contractors to report essential information about them; this information will help childcare providers support DLLs in developing their home language and English. In addition, it will help inform state resource allocation decisions that could be leveraged to support the long-term success of DLLs by developing the early linguistic assets that benefit them and the state as a whole. 

Childcare programs must be culturally and linguistically responsive and integrate supports to ensure that DLL’s linguistic and related developmental needs are met. In addition, standardizing DLL identification and collecting crucial information about their assets helps raise awareness about the importance and benefits of the home language and bilingualism. 

This bill will ensure DLLs have positive outcomes and ensure that we provide them with the support they need to be successful in a global economy. For these reasons, we applaud your vision of DLLs in our great state and request your signature on AB 393 to help us achieve it.


Your Name