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Supporting Families During the War in Ukraine

The situation that has been unfolding in Ukraine is heavy on our minds at Early Edge. Families are being wrenched apart daily. Children are living in fear, without a safe place to land, and in many cases, separated from parents or caregivers.  

Our hearts are with all those impacted by this war, which we hope will end soon for the sake of the thousands of families enduring unimaginable trauma. Learn more about actions you can take right now to support them:

Talk to your kids: Our children are watching a war unfold, and they are experiencing many feelings including confusion, anxiety, and fear; they need support from the adults in their lives to process these thoughts and emotions. PBS SoCal created a short guide for starting the conversation with the children in your life, available in English and Spanish

Read stories from families: Learn more about what families are experiencing right now as they are separated and displaced, by reading the growing collection of accounts from the BBC.   

Donate: There are many ways you can support Ukrainian families through giving. Here are just a few of the organizations providing assistance to the victims of the war in Ukraine. 

  • CARE: provides food, water, and more to Ukrainian refugees, prioritizing women and girls, families, and the elderly.
  • Doctors Without Borders: provides access to health care and medicine to Ukrainian families.
  • Voices of Children: providing therapeutic services to children and families in Ukraine.
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