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Taking Action in the Fight for Racial Equality

A Message from Our Executive Director Patricia Lozano

We have been witnessing all that has been happening over the last few weeks. It has been an extremely difficult time for so many, but I am so inspired by the millions fighting for racial justice and equality in our country and across the world. 

This past week, we have taken a step back to evaluate our efforts in uplifting California’s children and their families, and the Early Learning teachers who support them, to ensure that we’re aligning with the current efforts to fight against systemic racism. Moving forward, we’re committed, more than ever, to: 

  • Fighting for the 60% of California’s children, ages birth to five, who are Dual Language Learners to have access to linguistically, culturally, and developmentally appropriate instruction, so that we can close the achievement gap and help them build a strong foundation for future success. 
  • Advocating for strategies that promote equity and improve conditions for California’s Early Learning teachers, who represent a racially and linguistically diverse population, many of whom are Black women and other women of color.
  • Ensuring that all kids in California have access to high-quality programs, especially Black and Latino children.

We will continue our work to promote high-quality Early Learning experiences guided by values of equity and inclusion. In the meantime, we encourage you to take actions such as reading, learning, and contributing by making a donation or signing a petition. And of course, please talk with the children in your life to engage them in critical conversations about racism, justice, and equality. 

With hope and love, 

Patricia Lozano  
Executive Director 
Early Edge California

Here are actions that you can take now to keep fighting for racial equality and against injustice. 

Talk with your kids. These resources help facilitate age-appropriate conversations with young children: 

Donate to these organizations, if you can:

Sign a petition:


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