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Improving a Child’s Education Journey:
A Conversation about K-12 Policy & Early Learning in CA Webinar

Webinar Recording Now Available!  

On February 11, Early Edge California’s Executive Director Patricia Lozano joined the virtual panel discussion, Improving a Child’s Education Journey: A Conversation about K-12 Policy & Early Learning in CA, hosted by the CDE Foundation and Foresight Law + Policy

The event introduced a new research report, Building a Coherent P-12 Education System in California, and featured a discussion on strategies necessary to improve Early Learning and provide a better start for kids in their education journey. Patricia and fellow Early Learning experts Sarah Neville-Morgan, Deputy Superintendent of Public Instruction, CDE, and Dr. Carla Bryant, Executive Director, Center for District Innovation And Leadership in Early Education engaged in a discussion led by report author and moderator Elliot Regenstein. 

Highlights included: 

  • Community and family engagement, child development expertise, and asset-based lingual and cultural diversity practices are key early-education core competencies that would benefit K-12 policies and practices.  
  • Parents are actively participating in their child’s education, so it is critical to build stronger partnerships among providers and families from the early years through K-12.
  • Better compensation for education professionals is important. More multilingual professionals are needed to support children and families whose home language is not English.
  • Consistent statewide assessment data will help improve educational outcomes. We need strong support for districts and communities to ensure an implementation process is based on meeting the goal of equity.  

For more information about the discussion, access the full webinar and read the research report launched during the event. 

Watch the full webinar now!

Read the Full Report

Read the Executive Summary

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