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First 5 California DLL Pilot Community of Practice: June 2022 Summit Summary

By: Early Edge California, Advancement Project California, and Glen Price Group (GPG), in partnership with First 5 California and the California Department of Education

This blog is the twelfth post in a series of blog posts about the First 5 California (F5CA) Dual Language Learner (DLL) Pilot Community of Practice (CoP). Click here for additional blog posts.

Resources for Educators and the Field

DLL Policy Summit Resources

AIR Research Briefs

Policy Implications

  • Bilingualism is an asset for our children and a strength in our community. As such, policy makers must continue to support efforts to expand and strengthen dual language programs, create assessment systems that are fair and accurate for all children, and define and expand specialized training for the ECE workforce.
  • Policy makers should ensure early education related opportunities and funding for the field includes specific carve outs for language translation of resources at a minimum, and ideally, for a deeper process to allow for the development of resources and tools in the authentic home language, as opposed to a translation of an existing resource in English. 
  • The F5CA Pilot elevated best practices and lessons learned. Policy makers should expand upon, support, and sustain these practices for the benefit of all children in the Golden State.

The F5CA DLL Pilot Policy Summit was held on June 17, 2022. The summit celebrated the work accomplished throughout the course of the First 5 California Dual Language Learner (DLL) Pilot and the corresponding Community of Practice (CoP) sessions. The F5CA ​​DLL Pilot was a historic $20 million investment by First 5 California to understand effective, scalable, and sustainable DLL practices in diverse Early Learning and Care settings. The summit uplifted bright spots and exemplary strategies to support DLLs and their families; provided a forum to recognize continued needs related to the implementation of DLL-focused recommendations from the Master Plan for Early Learning and Care; and built knowledge of and support for DLL-focused policies.

First 5 California Executive Director Jackie Wong opened the summit with a brief overview of the Pilot. Next, a slide show and retrospective reflection celebrated the contributions of the 16 Pilot counties and celebrated the work of the CoP. Dr. Karen Manship, Principle Researcher at the American Institutes for Research (AIR), presented findings from the Evaluation Study before the webinar transitioned to two panels on the topics of “Family Engagement and DLL Identification” (Panel #1) and on “Ensuring Professional Development on DLLs is Accessible to all Educators” (Panel #2). The summit concluded with remarks from Dr. Linda Espinosa on next steps and implications for DLL policy and practice in California.

This blog post contains summaries and recordings from each of the DLL Policy Summit’s sessions:

A full recording of the summit is available here.

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