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Early Childhood Policy Council Hosts May 2024 Meeting

Early Edge California joined the May meeting of the Early Childhood Policy Council (ECPC), which provided an overview of the May Revision of the Governor’s budget, a Rate and Quality Advisory Panel update, a report on the California Department of Education (CDE) and California Department of Social Services child care transition, and a discussion on building a comprehensive Early Learning and Care (ELC) mixed-delivery system that integrates universal prekindergarten (UPK).

In response to the Governor’s budget proposals in his May Revision, which included a pause on slot expansion at the current level of 119,000 slots, the ECPC drafted and sent a letter to the Administration urging the Governor to remain committed to California’s children and the critical workforce of child care providers who take care of them. The letter specifically urged the Administration to maintain its commitment to awarding child care slots and to continue the progress towards rate reform through the development and implementation of an alternative rate methodology that reflects the true cost of child care for providers.

During the discussion on integrating UPK and the mixed-delivery system, CDE shared that enrollment data is showing that more 3-year-olds are entering the state’s preschool program. As younger children enter the state’s preschool program and other options within the ELC mixed-delivery system, CDE highlighted the importance of building a continuum between California’s ELC system and TK-12 system to ensure successful transitions to school and stronger partnerships across programs. Initiatives in quality, access, support, pathways, and professional development were mentioned as avenues that can be pursued and improved upon, which could help build organic connections, collaboration, and continuum with TK and the mixed-delivery system.

As part of public comment, Early Edge thanked the ECPC for their letter and emphasized the importance of the Administration and the Legislature maintaining their commitment to children and the critical workforce of providers taking care of them, especially as it relates to funding and awarding child care slots, and reimbursing the true cost of care through implementing an alternative rate methodology. Early Edge appreciates the opportunity to join the ECPC and provide input on critical Early Learning and care topics.

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