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Commission on Teacher Credentialing June 2020 Meeting: Update on the Work Related to the Child Development Permit

On Friday, June 19, Carolyne Crolotte, Senior Policy Analyst at Early Edge California, provided public comment during the second day of the Commission on Teacher Credentialing’s (CTC) public meeting. Early Edge California has been closely monitoring the Child Development Permit revisions and associated work and was happy to see the efforts of moving towards a competency-based Early Learning teacher preparation system back on the CTC meeting agenda. CTC staff provided an update on their past and current efforts around the Child Development Permit during the meeting. The full update can be found here

Highlights of current and future efforts include the following:

  • The CTC is working to align the Curriculum Alignment Project (CAP) coursework and the new ECE Teacher Performance Expectations (TPEs), focusing on the following three areas:
    • Increased focus on Dual Language Learners (DLLs)
    • Care and development of infants and toddlers
    • Family engagement
  • The CTC received a $3M allocation as part of the CDE Preschool Development Grant-Renewal (PDG-R) to support the transition to a competency-based system. This work will include two main efforts:
    • Work on developing a teaching performance assessment at the teacher level of the permit (TPA). The TPA will be used as a formative assessment to provide feedback to candidates about progress towards meeting adopted TPEs.
    • Work with the Early Learning field to develop a quality review process for programs.
  • The CTC is awaiting the recommendations from the Master Plan for Early Learning and Care (Master Plan) around the Child Development Permit structure, which are scheduled to be released this fall. They will then determine any potential changes to the current Child Development Permit structure for future Commission discussion and potential action, as guided by the Master Plan recommendations.
  • The CTC is also looking at the impact of COVID-19 on ECE settings and candidates as they go through their permit/certificate process.

In her public comment, Carolyne thanked the Commission for continuing their work on the Child Development Permit and urged the Commission to include the needs of DLLs and their families in the TPEs and the TPA, as well as to include DLL experts and stakeholders throughout the process.

The next CTC meeting is scheduled for August 6 and 7, 2020. Early Edge California will continue to monitor this item at upcoming meetings and provide comment and feedback as appropriate.

To review our recent report, which highlights key recommendations for improving teacher preparation to support California’s DLLs, including ensuring that competency in serving DLLs is included in the Child Development Permit and ensuring that the needs of DLLs and their families are represented in the Master Plan, click here.

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