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The Early Learning Lab uses social innovation to identify and spread effective tools and strategies that equip parents, caregivers and teachers with better ways to help children learn early in their lives, when it matters most.

Source new and improved teaching and family support strategies

Early Learning Solutions

Our social innovation model combines proven tools and strategies from the business sector with the latest early learning research on how adults can best support children’s learning.

More specifically, we:


We work with parents, teachers, administrators and researchers to identify what we collectively seek to change and co-design effective solutions.

Learn in rapid-cycles

We embrace trial and error to accelerate the pace of finding solutions. We work in short project cycles; we try new methods, keep what works and improve what doesn’t.

Develop capacity

We empower stakeholders to collaborate and address their communities’ unique needs over the long term.

Build on what we know

We build on the early childhood field’s knowledge to enhance existing tools and strategies and to achieve faster progress and bigger results.

Spread effective teaching and family support strategies

Early Learning Strategies

Creating and sustaining impact in our youngest children’s lives requires a multifaceted approach to spreading effective solutions. To create this type of impact we:

Use existing systems & channels

We work to embed early learning solutions across existing channels and systems such as the health, education and public welfare sectors.

Inform policy change

We identify tools and approaches that can be supported and spread through policy at the local, state and federal levels.

Leverage early childhood technology

We see technology as a strategy to support family engagement and improve teacher practice. We also educate organizations and funders on how best to use technology to support early learning at scale.

Share knowledge & build networks

We share field knowledge and connect diverse stakeholders across the early learning field. Visit our News & Insights page here to see what we’re learning.

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