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We are proud to be a sponsor of AB 123, authored by Assemblymember Kevin McCarty. We’ll be closely following this bill and sharing news about AB 123 as it progresses through the state legislature. Make sure to sign up for updates and action alerts below.

AB 123/McCarty – Pre-K For All
Early Childhood Education: State Preschool Program: Transitional Kindergarten: Access: Standards

Co-sponsored by Early Edge California and Kidango

AB 123 expands access to preschool for all 4-year-olds living in low-income neighborhoods and all 3-year-olds in poverty, and raises preschool quality and funding to help close the school readiness gap. 
  • Expands access to full-day, full-year preschool for all 4-year-olds who live in a neighborhood where more than 70% of students are eligible for free or reduced-priced meals. AB 123 also ensures that all 3-year-olds in poverty receive two years of high-quality preschool.
  • Increases salaries and qualifications of preschool teachers to support children’s learning with adequate financial supports.
  • Raises preschool quality to what is proven to work and increases funding.
  • Builds a more unified preschool system by aligning standards and making it easier to blend State Preschool, Transitional Kindergarten and Head Start to provide high-quality, full-day, full-year preschool that meets the needs of working families.

Current Status: Assembly Desk

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