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CROCUS Working Papers Share ECE Insights & Benefits From Tulsa’s Pre-K Program

Newly released working papers from Georgetown University’s Center for Research on Children in the U.S. (CROCUS) explore several long-term positive child outcomes resulting from enrollment in Tulsa’s Universal Prekindergarten (Pre-K) program and demonstrate how they benefit young children into adulthood.

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Tulsa Pre-K Alumni Enroll in College at Higher Rates
A study of 4,033 Tulsa students who participated in the school district’s Pre-K program for the 2005-2006 academic year shows that they are much more likely to be in college today. Pre-K boosts both two-year and four-year college enrollments. These findings are reported in Universal Pre-K and College Enrollment: Is there a Link?

Tulsa Pre-K’s Benefits Exceed the Costs
In the A Benefit-Cost Analysis of Tulsa Pre-K, Based on Effects on High School Graduation and College Attendance study from the Upjohn Institute, researchers have estimated that the benefits of Tulsa’s Pre-K program exceed the costs. Using high school graduation data and college enrollment data, extrapolated to adult earnings, researchers estimated the benefits exceed costs by 2.65 to 1.

Early Childhood Education Promotes Civic Engagement
Preschool participation is a good predictor of subsequent voter registration and actually voting, according to From Preschool to Politics: Early Socialization in Tulsa. Findings show a link between Pre-K attendance in Tulsa in 2005-06 and voter registration and voting as young adults, mediated by stronger cognitive and socioemotional skills.

Third Graders Do Better If They Attend Pre-K
A recent study of students low-income families in Tulsa shows that 3rd graders who attended preschool have stronger cognitive and self-regulation skills than other children. Dr. Anna Johnson, Associate Professor of Psychology, is the lead author of Following the Preschool Boost into Third Grade: Do Public Preschool Benefits on Cognitive and Self-Regulatory Skills Persist?

Pre-K Program Benefits Still Evident In High School
A CROCUS study of Tulsa’s Pre-K program found that Pre-K alumni do better on several key indicators than a comparable group of students who attended neither Pre-K nor Head Start. Does attending pre-K or Head Start predict high school graduation? reports a positive link between Tulsa Pre-K attendance and on-time high school graduation.

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