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2021-2022 California State Budget for Early Learning and Health: July 2021 Final Budget

Universal Transitional Kindergarten (UTK)

  • $2.7B Implements Universal Transitional Kindergarten (UTK) with the following features:
    • Cost of $600M in 2022-23, growing to $2.7B by full implementation.
    • Full implementation by 2025-26.
    • 12:1 ratio, decreasing to 10:1 in 2023-24 contingent on funding.
    • Allows California State Preschool Program (CSPP) to offer wraparound services.
    • Allows parents to choose to enroll their child in other subsidized programs rather than TK.
  • $490M One-time General Fund. Expands use of the Full-Day Kindergarten Facilities Grant Program to include TK and CSPP.
  • $300M One-time Proposition 98. Implements California Pre-Kindergarten Planning and Implementation Grant to expand access to TK and Local Education Agency (LEA)-based CSPP programs.
  • $130M One-time Proposition 98. Increases access to LEA-based CSPP in order to provide wraparound care to TK students.
  • $10M One-time General Fund. Funds the Department of Education to update the Preschool Learning Foundations.

Child Care

  • $739M One-time Federal and General Funds. Funds 145,000 new slots in the Alternative Payment and General Child Care programs, growing to 200,000 by 2025-26.
  • $40M One-time Federal Funds. Establishes the Joint Child Care Providers United-State of California Training Partnership Fund, to expand and strengthen training opportunities.
  • $37M One-time General Fund. Continues funding for the Early Math Initiative.
  • $5M One-time General Fund. Increases funding for local libraries to implement Early Learning and after-school programs.
  • $3M One-time Federal Funds. Provides a one-time $500 incentive payment to individuals who obtain a new family child care license.

Reimbursement Rates

  • $1.2B One-time Federal Funds. Increases provider reimbursement rate over three years.
    • Raises rates to 75th percentile of 2018 Market Rate Survey.
    • Moves Standard Reimbursement Rate (SRR) recipients to Regional Market Rate (RMR) on January 1, 2022.
    • Raises reimbursement rates for Family, Friend, and Neighbor (FFN) providers to 70 percent of the family child care home rate.
  • $289M One-time Federal Funds. Provides reimbursement rate supplements to family child care providers.
  • $189M One-time Federal Funds. Shifts to single reimbursement rate system:
    • Provides reimbursement rate supplements for 24 months to center-based child care providers in order “to address inequities between the standard reimbursement rate and the regional market rate ceiling.”
    • As of January 1, 2022, SRR recipients will transfer to the RMR, unless RMR is less than current SRR rate.
  • $29M One-time General Fund. Provides a cost of living increase of 4.05% to all subsidized child care providers.

COVID-19 Relief

  • $1.5B One-time Federal Funds. Continues COVID-19 support measures.
    • One-time stipend of $3,500 to $6,500 for all child care programs.
    • One-time stipends of $525 per child enrolled in a subsidized child care program, based on November 2020 enrollment.
    • One-time stipends of $600 per child enrolled in a subsidized child care program, based on March 2021 enrollment.
    • Waives family fees from July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022.
    • 16 non-operational days for providers accepting vouchers that have to close due to COVID-related reasons.
    • Continues hold harmless funding for child care providers that contract directly with the state.
    • Extends child care for children of essential workers through June 30, 2022 and provides for additional emergency vouchers for children of essential workers or children with special needs.
    • $25M for the expansion of the California Child Care Initiative Project to increase the number of licensed child care homes.
    • $10.6M for early childhood mental health consultation.
  • $250M One time Federal and General Funds. Funds infrastructure for child care facilities, focusing on child care deserts.
  • $20M One-time Federal Funds. Supports for Resource and Referral Agencies and funds

TK-12th Grade

  • $2.8B One-time General Fund. Expands the implementation and use of the community school model.
  • $1.8B One-time Proposition 98. Implements expanded-day, full-year instruction and enrichment for all elementary school students.
  • $1.1B Ongoing Proposition 98. Increases the number of certificated and classified staff in schools, including school counselors, nurses, and paraprofessionals.
  • $54M One-time Proposition 98. Augments federal funds to allow all children to receive two meals a day in school, regardless of family income. Increase to ongoing $650M Proposition 98 after federal food program waivers expire.
  • $118M One-time Federal Funds. Expands access to summer learning programs.
  • $10M One-time General Fund. Establishes the Dual Language Immersion Grant Program to expand or establish dual language immersion programs.
  • $10M One-time General Fund. Establishes Anti Bias Education Grant Program to prevent, address, and eliminate racism and bias in all California public schools.
  • $5M One-time General Fund. Pilots the School Health Demonstration Project, to expand comprehensive health and mental health services to students.
  • $2M One-time Federal Funds. Supports After School Education and Safety Program (ASES) in rural districts.

Teacher Preparation

  • $1.5B One-time Proposition 98. Funds Educator Effectiveness Block Grant for five years to provide training for school staff in specified high-need topics.
  • $500M One-time General Fund. Funds the Golden State Teacher Grant Program to support students enrolled in teacher preparation programs.
  • $350M One-time Proposition 98. Supports the development of new, or improved access to existing, teacher residency programs.
  • $125M One-time Proposition 98. Supports the Classified School Employee Teacher Credentialing Program.
  • $50M One-time Proposition 98. Supports the California Collaborative for Educational Excellence, which provides professional development in learning acceleration, particularly in mathematics, literacy, and language development.
  • $20M One-time General Fund. Provides a credential fee waiver in 2021-22 for individuals entering the K-12 educator workforce.
  • $10M One-time Proposition 98. Funds pilot implementation of competency-based education at select community colleges.

Whole Child, Whole Family

  • $8.5B One-time Federal Funds. Provides a second round of Golden State Stimulus payments to low- and moderate-income California residents.
  • $6B One-time Federal and General Funds. Expands broadband infrastructure, increases affordability, and enhances access to broadband for all Californians.
  • $1.9B One-time Federal and General Funds; $170M ongoing General Fund. Establishes college savings accounts for all low-income public school students.
  • $1.4B One-time General and Federal Funds; $430M ongoing. Expands the infrastructure for delivering behavioral health services to children and youth through the Children and Youth Behavioral Health Initiative.
  • $25M One-time General Fund. For the Child Mind Institute to develop mental health and wellness instructional resources and trainings.

Special Education

  • $260M Ongoing Proposition 98. Special Education Early Intervention Grant to provide services and supports in inclusive settings for children ages birth to 5.
  • $167M One-time General Fund. Funds the Inclusive Early Education Expansion Program over two years.
  • $15M One-time Proposition 98. Funds grants to LEAs to improve the delivery of inclusive practices.
  • $7M Ongoing Federal Funds. Supports and expands Family Empowerment Centers.


  • $10.3M Ongoing General Fund. Provides funding and 74 positions to support program enhancements, and to develop a whole-child/whole-family approach to child care integration and data development.
  • $9M One-time General Fund. Offers Direct Deposit to child care contractors.
  • $4.8M One-time General Fund. Supports planning and initial implementation for the design of a child care data system.
  • Funding shift Shifts $31.7M and 185.7 positions from the California Department of Education to the California Department of Social Services to administer child care and nutrition programs.

Infant and Maternal Health

  • $90.5M General Fund with federal match. Five-Year Medi-Cal Eligibility Extension for Postpartum Individuals.
  • $403K Combined Federal and General funds. Adds doula services as a covered benefit in the Medi-Cal program, effective January 1, 2022.

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